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About us

RiskSolutions is an independent insurance broker specialised in medium-sized undertakings and non-profit organisations.

Professional insurance buyer

Our task as broker is buying insurances on behalf of our clients. We do not draw up any quotations, but negotiate with the most suitable insurers until we are sure that we have achieved the best possible result for our client.

The right choice

What will ultimately be the best insurance solution for a particular client primarily depends on the wishes and needs of that client, and on the choices he makes with respect to risk retention and securities. Our services include a full analysis of the policy conditions and premium rates. We moreover try to inform our clients to the best of our ability about the consequences of the choices they make within a planning horizon of three to five years.


Thanks to our clear position as “buyer”, we always manage to negotiate the best conditions for the renewal of our clients’ contracts with various insurers. Our broad experience with respect to insuring company risks and our extensive network allow us to adopt a goal-oriented and efficient working method.

Creative advice

RiskSolutions is an independent insurance broker and our organisation is fully attuned to companies. This specialisation enables us to effectively identify and list the most complex company risks and advise our clients in the best possible way about any insurance solutions. Our broad experience in claims management allows us to constantly adjust and optimise ongoing policies. We constantly evaluate whether there is room for improvement and continuously search for possibilities to optimise premiums in creative ways.

Guaranteed success

RiskSolutions works together with practically all Belgian insurers. Having access to this extensive offer continuously provides us with a good overview of the entire insurance market. This eventually puts our clients in the best possible buying position. In everything we do, we always combine extensive insurance-technical knowledge and experience with personal commitment. This means specifically that we always try to actively empathise with our clients and always adopt a problem-solving approach. This results in transparent and durable solutions. Our clients know their risks and know that they are covered.

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Efficient administration

All companies need to take out insurances, although it is not the core of their business. The first and foremost important thing is that the policies can be managed in an efficient way. Plenty of insurers however have to contend with backlogs and long processing times. This lack of service can only be compensated with a quick and correct administration on the broker’s part and a short-term follow-up of ongoing cases. By making optimal use of the newest technological possibilities and by implementing well thought-out administrative procedures, we guarantee our clients an efficient service. Our organisation does not have a long and stuffy past, and that is why we are able to reduce the paper flow to a minimum and process all required documents in a quick and efficient manner.

Personal commitment

RiskSolutions only works together with independent partners who are all responsible for their own clients. Because of this, all of our partners are personally involved with and committed to their clients. This strong personal involvement forms the heart of our service and allows us to enter into and maintain stable relationships of trust. We always adopt a pragmatic and problem-solving approach that is fully transparent with respect to our clients when buying policies, as well as when managing and settling claims.

Senior service

We have plenty of knowledge and experience at our disposal. Our sole activities consist of Risk Management and Corporate Insurance. Before joining RiskSolutions, our employees were able to gain years of experience working for large-sized brokerage and insurance firms or insurance departments of leading companies.

Over the last twenty years, our partners have had daily contact with the most varying businesses in the corporate world. We have even managed to build an extensive network in the insurance industry over the course of the years. This network has provided us with excellent knowledge of every insurance domain and a particularly good insight into the insurance needs of the most diverse sectors such as the building, logistics, technological and foodstuff industry, retail, sheltered workshops, hospitals, etc. This experience guarantees our clients that we will offer them the best possible solution for each insurance issue and will also provide them useful and readily implementable information