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Public sector

RiskSolutions has gained extensive experience in various industries as a professional insurance buyer. RiskSolutions gladly makes this experience available to the public sector.

Independent insurance advisor

Insurances are often one of the largest budget items for many local authorities and governments and take a big bite out of their annual budget. In certain cases, these contracts can be concluded at more economical rates. RiskSolutions can help you to optimally negotiate your contracts and as such to drastically reduce this budget item.

RiskSolutions is an independent insurance advisor and possesses the required expertise to assist you with the critical analysis of your insurance policies. Optimal guarantees and an efficient administration are naturally still required, but experience learns that important savings can always be realised. Within this respect, it is important to negotiate in full knowledge of the facts.

An optimal insurance coverage for the most economical premium

RiskSolutions’ mission is to assist and advise companies and institutions subject to the public procurement legislation for obtaining optimal insurance coverage. Our top priority is to realise the best possible savings for our clients with respect to their insurance premiums. Our broad experience in insurances and our expertise in the field of public procurement legislation are our biggest asset. Optimising the insurance-technical and administrative aspect of your contracts and tenders can result in important savings.

A phased approach in accordance with the public procurement legalisation

Our working method is based on a very competitive approach that will guarantee you maximum cost savings. Once the service agreement containing the different phases is concluded, RiskSolutions will provide the board of your company independent advice on how to optimise their policies and premiums. All of the above activities are done in line with the public procurement legislation. RiskSolutions can help you draw up a market file (contract documents) and assist you with the formal checks and comparisons of the tenders submitted by the insurers (closure).

Our team, our strength

The RiskSolutions team is highly specialised and has extensive knowledge of the legislative public procurement framework and the insurance market, guaranteeing your organisation a successful procurement of your insurances!


We have a number of references in the public sector. We will gladly tell you more about it during a personal meeting.

Three different cases: Government Buildings Agency, Ijzer en Zee and the municipality Zaventem

Please feel free to contact us if you require independent advice, if you would like us to evaluate your insurance portfolio or to renegotiate your insurance policies and put them out to tender. Our pragmatic approach guarantees an optimal result.